The movement from racial distraction to commonsense action starts with realizing that if you want to work with people regardless of race you are not alone. You are part of the de-platformed majority. Yet commonsense cannot be hidden in the shade forever, its platform is here and now. Racism is NOT the problem pulls the spotlight from tired myths to hard realities that must shine out if we are going to reverse this country’s course from calamity to commonsense collaboration.

Our inspiration: The South African Institute of Race Relations was founded in 1929 to dismantle race-based policies that increasingly dominated this country. Its institutional experience shows that the ultimate tool against tyranny is information. The IRR grew into the world’s leading anti-apartheid think-tank by scrutinizing every single aspect of apartheid’s evils and publicizing them to South Africans and the world so that no one could say “we did not know”. The upshot was a call across all races to cut apartheid out.

Racism is NOT the problem draws on this institutional memory to confront today’s dismay. Once again the country is headed in the wrong direction. Once again politicians, pundits and looting profiteers are driving us down. Once again racism is offered as both the fundamental problem and race-policy as the final solution. But we say never again! Racism is NOT the problem.

Once you have visited this site for the first time it is too late to say you did not know that most other South Africans already see that Racism is NOT the problem. If you think that is a bit of good news our purpose is to convince you to stick around and learn more.

Our mission is to inform. Our greatest asset is the decency of tens of millions of ordinary South Africans. Our greatest threat is the inculcation of a new racial ideology through the machinations of multimillionaire and billionaire race-baiters and politicians wedded to blood and soil dogmas. We know that commonsense beats ignorant greed, because what seems impossible has already been done once. Now we will do it again.

We need you to join so that South Africans can live under a government that meets NEED: Non-racial Economic Empowerment for the Disadvantaged, a practical policy drafted by the IRR. We do some of the work, topflight analysis, shareable content, truth that resonates against power-abuse. We speak out through this platform and through others (see Common Ground). We will not be silenced.

As long as we are around you have the means to know that Racism is NOT the problem. Join us, support us, and help us spread the good word. We did not start this movement, millions of South Africans have done so already as demonstrated by the IRR. We are just the catalyst for moving private knowledge into common practice through the courage we share in knowing that Racism is NOT the problem.

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