The Racism is NOT the problem movement knows most South Africans live on the common ground of decency until a conversation turns to politics, policy, and what it means to be South African in the first place. That’s when it gets scary to say, “I won’t judge you for how you look and you better not judge me that way either”. That’s when it gets all too easy to resign the common ground by staying quiet and tuning out, or worse by acting as some kind of “spokesperson” or “representative” for everyone that happens to look the same.

We see the nasty assault on the common ground daily. Good people get called “Uncle Tom” or “House-N*gg*r” or “Sell-Out” or “White Supremacist” or “racist” for defending the most basic principles of decency, which makes it tempting to duck out of debate. But resignation is not a sustainable option. Neither is racial representation.

If you would rather engage with equals, know that you are not alone. Tag into Racism is NOT the problem on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where you can share your ideas with likeminded people and engage in real conversations between characters, not colours. We produce stories and data, graphs and videos, pictures and polemics, to stimulate debate on the grounds that between us no one will hold your race in fear or favour. By growing the common grounds of decency we shake the citadels of power back to reality.

We also invite you to join these other people and platforms that you can see below are built on common ground. They have collectively over half a million subscribers. They are fortresses of facts, digital cathedrals of learning. They expand the scope of thinking beyond the discredited myth that racism is everywhere and can only be solved by legal discrimination by race.

Educate Don't Indoctrinate

Did you know that at many South African schools, children are being indoctrinated in the tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT)? The theory holds that all black people are victims of a system designed to keep them oppressed and that all white people act together to maintain that system in order to protect their unearned, white privilege. Edonti (which stands for Educate, Don’t Indoctrinate) explains exactly what CRT is and what parents and teachers can do about it if they have concerns.

Daily Friend

For news, this platform percolates the changes that make a difference into intelligent pieces on a daily basis. Why get the spin first? The Daily Friend will do you one better.

Historical note: the most potent democratic movement to abolish slavery had a collection of Societies called Friends, which points to an interesting fact. Friends share a kind of equality in each other’s eyes that, for example, allies need not. It remains unclear whether the IRR started a newspaper called the Daily Friend with this historical note in mind, or whether it merely identified a common human interest across time.

Popular note: The Daily Friend podcast has frequently topped the AppleStore’s Podcast charts, but its host, luminary Nicholas Lorimer, says he is more of a PC guy.

Sidenote: its international contributors and topics often provide a nice refresh.

Big Daddy Liberty

This show is steeped in freedom, faith, family and flag South Africa. It is brilliant!

Freedom Advocacy Network (FAN)

Do you want to learn about and defend freedom? The Freedom Advocacy Network has great communication (check it out, they made a Racism is NOT the problem video too!) and a crack legal team to exercise the freedom to challenge in court. This is a brand-new thing and mighty good stuff, grounded in the most decent of virtues.

2 Crickets in a Thorn Tree

Self-described as “the smoothest glass of Amarula for your mind this side of Mars” 2 Crickets is a zany, historical, philosophical podcast that pays titular homage to Helen Suzman, a late great champion of South Africa’s common ground.

The South African Institute of Race Relations (IRR)

The IRR has been building on the common ground of decency since 1929. Whether it is building surveys, reports, or campaigns its purpose is clear, as it stands on our wall.

“We stand for classical liberalism - an effective way to defeat poverty and tyranny through a system of limited government, a market economy, private enterprise, freedom of speech, individual liberty, property rights, and the rule of law.”

Building on Common Ground.